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  • Non-Medical Senior Care
    We're passionate about keeping elderly people safe and independent in their own home. A variety of senior home-care service are available to ensure your loved one's continued well-being, especially for post-discharge care from hospitals and rehabilitation centers....
  • Skilled Home Care
    1st Call Home Healthcare is owned and operated by professional firefighter/paramedics. We saw a need to help seniors live safely at home and founded a non-medical home care company in 2009 that grew to become one of...
  • Auto Injury Programs
    As professional Firefighters and Paramedics we know the devastating injuries that can result from a vehicle accident. With over 20 years experience in emergency medical care, we have responded to hundreds of injury accidents. From first response on...

Medicare Recipients: Do You Need Medical Help at Home?

Read our patient and family guide to find out what Medicare covers for home health care

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