Safe Balance

Medicare  Approved Fall Risk Assessment

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What can SafeBalance do for you or your loved one...

Every 3 months, or following certain events, you will be given a simple 15 minute balance test to
determine if an impairment or increased fall risk is present. Following the balance test, you will be
provided a printed report highlightng areas of concern and the current risk which is being

A Simple 15 minute Balance Test to Identify if a Balance Impairment Exists!

The report is reviewed by a licensed Medical Professional to provide recommendations on ways to
reduce the risk of falls and enhance your safety and quality of life! Some recommendations

• Participation in a Community Wellness Program
• Working with a Physical Therapist in a Home Health or Outpatient Setting
• Referral to a Physician for continued analysis and recommendations
• Environmental Modifcations

What You will Enjoy with Safe Balance

By offsetting your risk of falls, you can expect to enjoy a greater level of independence, safety
and participation in activities as you enjoy your retirement. Your provider has taken the
initiative to provide this Balance Assessment Program to ensure their commitment to your
safety and your loved one’s peace of mind. A short, simple analysis will provide you with
invaluable information on how to improve your stability and maximize your engagement in


Why is a Balance Assessment Needed?

  • Determine if you, or your loved one is currently at
    increased risk for falls.
  • Determined if you, or your loved one requires
    assistance or rehabilitation services.
  • To potentially prevent the occurrence of a
    catastrophic injury through education and lifestyle
  • Provide your doctor with an evidence-based
    descriptive report on your current balance ability in
    order to make informed decision on the best method
    of quality care.
  • To objectively track functional gains and maintain
    safety through the aging process to ensure an engaging
    and independent lifestyle!